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Letters Unsent

May 3rd, 2012 (11:58 pm)
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I'm feelin': loved

I realised with the last hunt my equipment is so badly ordered. Normally I keep it really organised but since being injury, taking so long off work, I got slack. I’ve been going through it for most of the day but I’m getting more distracted testing all my tools, sharpening blades and cleaning things that I sharpen and clean regularly on the job and after so they don’t need it until their next useage.

I sigh and turn my attention to a small box, about the size as would hold a ring, but made of intricately patterened pannels of wood. A simple spell enlarges it to it’s full size and allows me to complete the sequence that will open it. It’s not a tool, or anything really useful as far as cursebreaking goes but it helps me keep my mind when I’m far from home and worse, from Oliver.

Inside is a thick wad of parchment and a muggle biro pen. Each seperate piece of parchment is dated, and titled with the location where it was written.

Camp: Argos- Greece

I think you’d love Greece. It’s pretty hot here, though I’m not touristing of course...might be nice to come back when I can...or we can.

The hunt’s been pretty intense. We came across a Boggart last night and trying to sleep afterwards, every time I closed my eyes I saw it again. It could have been worse...Nicolas was here at least. I know you hate him but we would have been toast if not for him so you’ve got to like him for that at least? A little bit?

The others are sleeping now...I should too but I can’t. I’m just lying here thinking of you. I don’t even know why I’m writing this...I’ve got no owl here and by the time I’m near a post I’ll be practically home. Miss you, Ollie.


I put it back into the box, shuffling through a few others until I find a more recent one. Unlike the others it has no date or location. Just one line long.

I miss you. I need you. I want to come home.
Kitten x

I remember that hunt, a mess of polyjuice and politics that left all three of us heart-sick and aching. I actually slept a little that night on the balcony of our hotel room sitting in Nicolas’ lap. I never told Oliver, but there was nothing to tell really...the moment was about as romantic as a sick child falling asleep in the lap of a parent, or older sibling perhaps...Oliver would understand that. It was security not intimacy, and after that hunt I didn’t want to be alone.


It’s a good job I write the hunt at the top of each letter...I’d never remember. It’s hard to even know where I am half the time. Usually it’s in some jungle or desert...if Niclos didn’t tell me where we were headed I’d never be able to tell.

I think I’d recognise this one though. France...Paris...right in the city. That’s not really the worst part of it though. Much worse is not knowing how long I’ll be here...how long it’ll be before I’m back home with you. Just knowing you’re there waiting for me is the most amazing feeling. I guess we knew it wouldn’t be easy what with your Quidditch, my Rune Hunts...at least you’ve got owls though right? Instead I’ve got a box of letters I’ve never shown you. Maybe if the worst should happen on one of these trips, Nicolas can bring it home and unlock it for you so you can see every second I’m away, you’re all I think about, and how much I love you.

On that morbid note I ought to sign off.

Love you always,

“We could go to France for a vacation,” I hear Oliver speak up behind me.

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Fight About a Fight

March 17th, 2012 (11:46 pm)

I'm feelin': angry

“Can you believe he said that to her?!” I ask, still fuming. Megan went home about an hour ago, and Oliver came home not long after that. “A coward...what the hell would he know?”

“He never used that word when he spoke to me,” Oliver remarks. “He just said that she refused to meet with his family.”
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Final Purchase

December 24th, 2011 (09:25 pm)
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I'm feelin': excited

I did most of my Christmas present last month. I’ve done everything in advance for years, as I hate the last minute rush we had when I was a kid because both my parents were working.

This one though needed a week longer to be ready, not to mention the difficulty storing it through that time up to Christmas. Instead Abby agreed I could pick it up Christmas Eve, ready for Skye tomorrow morning.

“Hey, Katie I’m glad you could make it!” Abby greets me as I make my way through down the path towards the commune farm.

“Hey of course! I made it, I owe you big time for this,” I tell her. Abby and the guys here have been great this past year with everything we’ve been through. The one blessing I have been able to count many times over is the support of good friends.

“How’s your meditating been?” she asks, linking arms with mine.

“Well...it’s been tough,” I admit. “It’s hard to find inner peace after...but things are settling now.”

“Good good...now here we are...” she opens the barn and I step into the rush of warm air, hearing the soft miaows already.

“Oh they’re beautiful!” I exclaim, crouching down as five kittens run over to me, tails pointing to the ceiling straight as iron rods.

“I know...it was such a surprise, it’s so out of season for them...” Abby admits, scooping up one of them. A little boy, black as soot with four white paws and a white moustache, “This is my little one,” she introduces him.

“I remember when Kash was this small...” I grin, picking one up. “Nothing cuter...though Oliver would say dogs are better.”

“But you’re a cat person?” Abby asks, setting her little boy down and sitting cross legged in the straw to play with them.

I shift to sit with her, “Not really...I like cats and dogs...and horses...it would be shorter to write a list of what I don’t like...spiders...”

Abby laughs and nods, “So which do you think your lass will like?”

“Oh all of them...but I think a little queen would be better than a tom,” I explain.

“Well we only have two little girls,” Abby says, “The grey one...”

“Bit too like Kash...I think Skye might want something different,” I admit.

“Well the little white one is also a girl,” she tells me, picking her up and holding her out. “She’s very pretty, but we’ll struggle finding a home for her...”

“Why?” I frown, scooping her up easily. The little female looks up at me and blinks, giving a soft miaow.

“White cats can often become deaf over time...it’s more prominent in white cats with blue eyes, but until they’re older all of these will have blue eyes,” she explains. “Even with blue eyes she may be perfectly fine, but no one wants to take that risk...”

I smile to myself thoughtfully, “You don’t have to worry, Abby...if there’s one little girl who can understand and love a kitten like that, it’s Skye.”

“Really? Oh that’s great!” she smiles, “So that’s the one you want?”

“Definitely...” I confirm.

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Through the Eyes of Honesty

November 26th, 2011 (11:58 pm)

I'm feelin': uncomfortable

Looking around nervously I wonder whether I should truly be here. The wall here is covered with pictures, ‘success stories’ of the centre. People with real problems, real physical trauma with no magic to heal them...and I’m healed. I have been for months...I feel like such a fake and yet I tried...

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Social Visit and Advice

November 19th, 2011 (12:00 am)

I'm feelin': thankful

“He’s upstairs, on the roof,” Antonia explains, opening the door for me to find Nicolas. I don’t really know why I came. He may be one of my most trusted friends, but it’s a work friendship, we rarely interact socially. At least not since the night we met.

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First Session

November 12th, 2011 (08:05 pm)
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I'm feelin': nervous

“I’m really not sure about this,” I sigh, gripping Oliver’s hand. I feel sick with nerves, the idea of telling a perfect stranger...everything...

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The Morning After

October 11th, 2011 (03:37 am)
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I'm feelin': shocked

I can’t sleep. I’ve been lying watching the clock tick around for five hours now. Oliver has woken a couple of times, but never said anything, probably not wanting to disturb me if I was asleep...instead we lie in silence, then he drifts off again for half an hour or so before waking suddenly...

He’s asleep for now...and I can’t lie here anymore. I shift to the edge of the bed, my feet touching down on the carpet. My toes tingle faintly, and my legs feel numb but I try to push myself up.

Air rushes past me, darkness surrounding me. I want to scream but no sound comes out...and then the pain. The knife plunging into my back, the pain, the blood, my blood...

I sit down quickly, gulping for breath and my eyes fall on the crutches still propped at my side of the bed. I haven’t needed them in months but...maybe I hit my spine in the fall or...I don’t know...I didn’t think I did but why else would my legs be so weak?

I reach for them, pushing myself up on my arms. Not quite what I had in mind for ‘taking a walk’ but it will do.

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Oliver's Birthday

July 20th, 2011 (10:40 pm)
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I'm feelin': determined

It’s been two months since I was stabbed at Oliver’s Quidditch match. I stare at the crutches next to my bed. Not today. Today is Oliver’s birthday. It’s been quite long enough and the only reason I’m still using them is because I’m scared. Scared it will hurt if I fall.

Well boo fricking hoo Katie Bell, you are not going to be a coward about this. If you fall then you damn well fall but you’ll never get back to work until you can ditch those damn crutches.

I push the covers back, swinging my legs out of bed until I feel the sheepskin rug under my feet. I use the bed to push off and stand up. Slight wobble but mostly because the bed isn’t as firm to push off as the crutches, but my legs are strong, and steady.

I smile at my tiny victory, taking a few tentative steps as I build up confidence. Right, kitchen first, Oliver has a big match in a couple of days, his first world cup match. So his birthday can’t be too wild, but I can at least make breakfast for him.

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Making Progress

June 27th, 2011 (11:22 pm)
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I'm feelin': hopeful

“You’re sure you don’t mind coming with me?” It seems a sucky way for Megan to spend her day off but Oliver’s practice is getting more and more intense and I still need help getting to physio-therapy at the hospital.

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Megan's Birthday

June 19th, 2011 (10:16 pm)

I'm feelin': determined

I shift my grip on my crutches. The chair was easier in one sense but it was incredibly frustrating not being able to see anything above people’s waist, and it’s particularly uncomfortable staring someone in the groin most of the time.

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